Why I can Never Own a Startup

I think my level of entrepreneurship begins and ends at self-branding and self-promotion. I want to seek new opportunities, enter new markets, take new risks, but all of these only at the expense of myself alone. I believe in working hard and serving the cause that I am working towards or maybe even working at something that would result in the mutual benefits of me and my clients. But, being responsible for other people, namely my employees, their growth and their livelihood, is something I don’t essentially look forward too. Because like other things I undertake, if I am being held responsible for something, I know I’d drive myself crazy trying to make it perfect.

Don’t take me wrong, I am an excellent team leader, with records for proof. I enjoy organising, guiding, leading. I work great in teams as well. I know how to make other people comfortable enough to bring out the best in them and help them work fullest according to their potential but that still doesn’t change the fact that I’d never own a startup in a million years.

Seeing my enterprising self, many people, most of them who know me well and know the business world closely too, have pointed out that I’d be a perfect person to start a startup. I tried going down that road, too. Joined a few startup groups, tried interacting with startup owners, interned at startups as well. And I love it. I love the startup atmosphere, especially if they are well-thought, well-planned and aren’t born out of sheer boredom and curiosity of few millennials (or old people, no discrimination on that part).

But, I have always lived a life filled with imagination. Whatever I am doing today, I always keep a part of the day reserved to imagine where I see myself next. And I can definitely see myself being maybe an integral part of a startup initiative, but can not for the sake of all the money in the world, imagine myself as a startup owner.

Thus, presently I am really just focusing on my self-brand and self-growth learning and making myself and my service, a one in a kind. This might be enough, Or 5 years down the line I might be writing another article about how I started a Startup!

Learning, Observing, Sharing!

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Avnie Bansal

Avnie Bansal

Learning, Observing, Sharing!

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