Just having ideas is not important

I keep having ideas and letting them go.

Okay, So I am a powerhouse of ideas. I see one thing and think of 10 different things I can do with it. Due to the fast and furious nature of these ideas, I am only able to note down like 8 and can you guess how many I am able to implement?



1.. And that is if I am lucky. And I know for a fact that whenever I have implemented a different idea, I have achieved success. But that clearly isn’t enough motivation.

So, since I believe in self-analysis and introspection, I decided to find out why.

  1. It could because I am lazy. It is easier to stick to the routine and do things I am already doing without going the extra mile.
  2. I am a huge procrastinator and that has lead me to miss time bound opportunities on more than one occasion.
  3. That’s it.

So, both the points essentially point towards one thing…. I am taking the easy way out. Any sign of hard-work, time-taking steps, I procrastinate to the time that the idea becomes irrelevant.

So, essentially the problem lies in me. Not my creativity, not my art. But in one of the many vices that I have.. And that is …. “Lazyness”.

I have started working towards it. This article was also an attempt to stick to my posting schedule and not delay it any further.

Hopefully, one day I can deliver 10/10 justice to the ideas my brain takes a lot of time and effort curating.

See you on the other side!